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Hewlett-Packard Company offers various products, technologies, software, solutions, and services to individual consumers and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), as well as to the government, health, and education sectors worldwide. Income Statement for HP Inc. (HPQ) - view income statements, balance sheet, cash flow, and key financial ratios for HP Inc. and all the companies you research at pasquinvis.tk Annual Report If you want to change lives, start where people live. Housing Partnership Equity Trust (HPET) is a national, social-purpose real estate investment trust created by nonprofits to raise capital for affordable housing.

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We are committed to helping our customers recycle responsibly. Our product recycling goal is to recycle 1. Our product repair, hp annual report, reuse, and recycling programs help to ensure that products and materials are re-purposed, to keep materials at their highest value state for the longest possible time.

These efforts are part of our wider ambitions to transform the business toward an ever more materials-efficient circular model. Sustainable Impact fuels our innovation and growth, and creates a stronger and healthier company for the long-term. Photo credit: Diana Macias. Sustainable Impact at HP represents our commitment to innovating for everyone. Find out more about our recent progress.

We continually develop, implement, and scale programs and social investments that transform how people work and live. Key drivers: GHG emissions associated with raw materials use, product manufacturing and transportation. Key drivers: GHG emissions associated with energy use in facilities worldwide. Key drivers: GHG emissions associated with energy and paper consumption during product use.

Key drivers: direct hp annual report, water associated with generation of electricity used. Key drivers: water associated with energy and paper consumption during product use. Program availability varies. For details, see www. This method normalizes performance based on business productivity. Intensity is reported as a three-year rolling average to decrease the impact of variance year over year and highlight longer-term trends. HP product use GHG emissions intensity describes the performance of our portfolio, taking into account changes to product mix and business growth.

This metric measures per unit GHG emissions during hp annual report lifetime use. These values are then weighted by contribution of personal systems and printing products to overall hp annual report. Sustainability guides every aspect of our business, fuels our innovation and growth, and works to enable everyone, hp annual report, everywhere to thrive.

It is the right thing to do for our business, for society, and for the long-term future of our planet. Our world faces difficult challenges, including climate change, inadequate access to quality education, economic and hp annual report inequalities, and unfair labor practices. InHP made meaningful progress on 15 of the 17 SDGs, and set bold new targets in key areas where we can have the greatest impact -- including two major goals to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and supply chain.

We are furthering our efforts to hp annual report and empower workers across our supply chain to ensure the people who make our products can thrive at work, at home, and in their communities. For instance, through an innovative partnership, hundreds of people in Haiti are collecting recyclables to help support their families, and plastic bottles are finding a new purpose in creating HP ink cartridges.

This program not only supports full-circle innovation and helps keep plastic out of the waterways that drain into the Caribbean Sea, but it also provides the people of Haiti with access to new social and economic opportunities. Inclusive and quality education is essential for people to improve their lives and livelihoods.

We help bring quality education and digital literacy to people where they are—including refugees and those living in underserved communities with no access to information technology.

More than 9. Every day is a chance to turn change into opportunity, set the bar higher, and keep reinventing for a better world. You can find more information on HP's goals and sustainability efforts in our report. Through our actions and investments, we strengthen our communities and enable the sustainable development of society at large; we minimize the environmental footprint of our customers, operations and supply chain; and we act with integrity and respect for human rights around the world.

We provide an extensive network of product take-back programs in 73 4 countries and territories. We relentlessly pursue reductions in greenhouse gas GHG emissions, waste, water, hp annual report, and paper consumption in our worldwide operations.

We lead industry efforts to reduce GHG emissions, waste, and hp annual report withdrawal in our supply chain, hp annual report. We motivate and empower suppliers and other stakeholders to enhance labor conditions, support human rights, and improve environmental performance at supplier production facilities.

We aim to attract, motivate and empower the most talented people in the fast-moving and ultra-competitive information technology IT industry with compelling career development opportunities, a supportive work environment, recognition, and rewards. We take an uncompromising stance on human rights in our own operations, and we make compelling arguments to others to do the same. We adhere to the highest ethical standards by supporting our employees in making the right decisions.

While our industry-leading practices and policies in this area are well-known, each year we strive to make hp annual report greater progress. We implement rigorous hp annual report and procedures to safeguard personal data that we hold or process, and hp annual report support these priorities through a rigorous program designed to train our employees and engage external stakeholders.

By way of example, inHP helped lead efforts to develop the Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis, a groundbreaking initiative from the Information Accountability Foundation that has met with unheralded support from regulators, companies, and the privacy community. We advocate with transparency and integrity to promote laws and regulations that encourage economic growth and innovation in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Expressed as emissions generated per unit of output. For printers and personal systems, each product constitutes a unit of output. For servers, each unit of output equals a task performed by the system, as defined by industry standards.

Tested by Buyers Lab Inc, hp annual report. At HP we believe that technology should make life better for everyone, everywhere. With operations in countries, our community is the world. We embrace the opportunity to address societal challenges hp annual report resource scarcity, the shift to cleaner energy, access to quality education and economic opportunity, human rights protection, and data security and privacy.

Sustainability is a powerful force for innovation, hp annual report. It drives progress across our business, from designing and delivering core products and services, to developing new business models that generate growth, and unlocking value through breakthrough technologies such as 3D printing.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing:. To bring this ambitious strategy to life, hp annual report, in and we set bold, long-term goals, shown below. These goals drive progress across our value chain, in areas where we can have the greatest impact in creating a sustainable future for people, businesses, and communities.

We also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs which rally the business community and other sectors around shared global ambitions. Our sustainability programs contribute to 16 of the 17 SDGs, hp annual report.

For our sustainability strategy to succeed, we need to hear from everyone our business affects. Key stakeholders include employees, suppliers, customers, hp annual report, peer companies, public policy makers, hp annual report, industry bodies, NGOs, and sector experts. We pursue their feedback and collaboration in many ways including partnerships, sponsorships, industry initiatives, customer and supplier education, hp annual report, supplier capability building hp annual report and audits, employee surveys, white papers — and more.

For examples, hp annual report our Sustainability Report. We conduct periodic materiality assessments, most recently into assess priority issues for sustainable development and our business success. The findings shape our sustainability strategy and investments, and identify emerging issues and new leadership opportunities for HP. By setting goals related to our most material issues, we manage performance and drive long-term progress.

View our materiality matrix and findings here. Starting with our Board of Directors, we embed sustainability throughout our strategy, policies, programs, and value chain.

Our Executive Hp annual report Team, led by the CEO, has overall responsibility for sustainability as part of our business strategy. Hear Board members talk about sustainability at HP. Taking into account the separation of Hewlett-Packard Company on November 1,calculation for all years uses HP revenue and spend associated with the business units that are now hp annual report part of HP Inc. Includes data from suppliers associated with HP Inc.

Expressed as emissions generated per unit of output, based on anticipated usage. For personal systems products, this reflects energy consumed by each product unit during customer use.

For printing products, this reflects energy and paper consumed to print each page. Packaging is the hp annual report that comes with the product and all paper including packaging and materials inside the box. Clear search hp annual report. All categories. All authors. Tweets by HPSustainable.

Related reading. Connect with us. Share Print. Watch video. We are recognized as a leader in environmental sustainability and social impact. Our Footprint On an annual basis, we report our sustainability achievements View complete footprint. Carbon footprint 44, hp annual report, tonnes CO 2 e. Water footprint , cubic meters.

View complete data and goals. Disclaimer 1. Report product content issues.


HP Introduces Annual Sustainable Impact Report; Renews Commitment to Planet, People and Community


hp annual report


While Hewlett Packard Enterprise believes these estimates to be reasonable, these amounts could differ materially from reported amounts in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Quarterly Report on Form Q for the third quarter ended July 31, Sep 08,  · HP Inc. annual stock financials by MarketWatch. View the latest HPQ financial statements, income statements and financial ratios. Sustainable Impact fuels our innovation and growth, and creates a stronger and healthier company for the long-term. Sustainable Impact at HP represents our commitment to innovating for everyone. Find out more about our recent progress. We continually develop, implement, and scale programs and social.