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Apr 27,  · Pregnancy PowerPoint template is suitable for health presentations, healthy pregnancy presentations or by mothers that need to control the pregnancy by week. For example you can share with your doctor the pregnancy period as well as doctors can embed week by week pregnancy guide in this PowerPoint presentation/5(38). Jun 30,  · Teen Pregnancy Powerpoint 1. What are the Causes of Teen Pregnancy? • The lack of information on safe sex • Teens are not taught the methods of birth patrol • peer pressure from their peers that force them to have sex before they are ready • Lack of Parental Guidance • School slack in teaching about sex (not enough information). Mar 13,  · VIPKID Tips for passing the interview (and even your Mocks!) + a BONUS for my referrals:) - Duration: Jessica Niles , views.

Teen Pregnancy Powerpoint

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Title: Teenage Pregnancy. Tags: mature pregnancy teenage women. Latest Highest Rated. Postponement of child bearing to mid-twenties would be much better, promotes health of baby, lowers risk to mother, increases educational opportunities, SES, good mate, stable marriage 3 The Witch Amongst Us contd Current beliefs cultural There is a witch hunt going on.

The witch has been identified. She is a young, unmarried teenager of poor and often ethnic minority background. Her powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy, unbridled sexuality is producing an insupportable burden on social services in the form of entitlements, but even more so in the form of producing impoverished generations with no future, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy, uneducated, no ability to support themselves, and in poor health.

She is raising angry sons who do not respect society at large, and who place even higher costs through their drug use, homicide rate, and general criminality. If society could stop teenage, unmarried reproduction, all the problems of our society would be solved in a single quick fix.

The traditional pattern is education, marriage, reproduction, work for resources, but for many has become reproduction, education, work, marriage. Our task is to understand why so many young women today are choosing to be parents early in their life history, 71 of which are non-marital. Is it possible that these young women are responding to some realities in our society that make young reproduction a viable option in a life history? Why are people so concerned about teenage pregnancy?

What type of cross-cultural patterning do we see with respect to teenage pregnancy? Young mothers who marry most often tradeoff education for reproduction. Young mothers who don't marry are more likely to stay in school, graduate from high school.

In an Oklahoma City sample, of powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy pregnant teens, black women were most likely to finish high school Little lost in employment opportunities, optimal time for employment for unskilled women is 25 Optimal time to find mate, no Mr.

Right out there waiting for her at age 25 12 Reproductive Strategies Among Individuals of Low SES contd Young parenthood is no longer associated with higher completed fertility paritywhich means that active parenting is over by age 25 In fact old Americans have given up high parity. Only Americans that have recently immigrated think this is a environment of endless opportunity with niches for many children.

Old Americans see it as highly competitive with children needing large amounts of investment of time, energy, resources. Advantages of short generation length over long if help in active parenting is wanted rather than money At least two major ethnic groups in our society are combining youthful parenthood with advanced training after high school. Suggests all we need is the local support systems available at many colleges with the morning after pill, contraceptives, abortion counseling, etc.

Sees no difference between poor teenagers and college girls except lack of access to technology, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy. Do they measure a true age effect or is the trend simply a result of the disproportionately large number of lower-class young mothers that dont have access to proper medical care or resources?

These assumptions don't examine whether or not the living conditions of the high risk populations lead to a rapid deterioration of reproductive health with age, STD'S, smoking, poor nutrition, drugs, untreated gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, subfecundity and ultimately sterility, deleterious effects of smoking also increase with age.

Assumption that if teens could be persuaded to postpone into mid twenties that they would be healthier and more mature reproductively. But the opposite is true. Disadvantages of being in a high risk population increase with each year health may be very poor by the late 20's. Policy curbing teen pregnancy among the poor could fail to reduce infant mortality and might even increase it. Infants of first time black mothers aged exhibit equivalent or higher rates of low birth weight than infants powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy teenage first time mothers.

Kass estimates that among low income American women, as much as half of the excess low birth weight experienced by their infants is related to maternal exposure to certain sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia during pregnancy - highest rates are in inner cities and isolated rural areas.

Major improvement in use of contraceptives, especially by black females, but teen birth rates are up. Can it be that they know about birth control, have it available, but don't use it? All public health programs are based on the firm belief that if "they" had ready access to contraception they would use it, because wouldn't everyone do better if they waited until their mid-twenties to reproduce?

Not surprising that teen mothers should experience excessive neonatal mortality, infection, malnutrition, stress, smoking and inadequate medical services 23 Social and Environmental Influences on Teenage Childbearing Common intervention self esteem training and self assertion, assuming that pregnant teens have low self esteem.

Urban black teens no more likely to engage in unhealthy powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy deviant behaviors than nonreproducing peers. Also, pregnant teens who keep their child have higher self esteem, better relations with their boyfriends and family than those who choose to abort. Evidence that those teenagers believed by families to possess skills necessary to overcome chronic barriers to achievement and upward social mobility are selected out of peer groups and discouraged from bearing children during their teens 24 No Transcript 25 Completed Family Size Completed family size similar to whites -evidence that early fertility is not uncontrolled fertility but a motivated life-course pattern that is strategically timed.

Two family planning strategies Growth completed - reproduction - education - marriage for some Growth completed - education - marriage reproduction Majority strategy Both patterns produce small families mean completed fertility - 2. Among whites, a comparable powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy does not occur until agesthis is just in live bodies, remember much more goes into male status on the marriage market, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy.

Changes from a manufacturing to a technological work force have decreased numbers of available jobs, particularly with inferior education. Welfare system provides full benefits to young mothers only when their mates are absent from the home.

All of these factors create a shortage of black men relative to black women during the marriageable years. Late child bearers greater distances between generations is a trend in direct conflict with the caregiving needs of children and dependent elderly parents, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy, grandmother of 50 put in a position of shouldering the dependency of frail elderly parents and young grandchildren needing childcare, etc.

If you cant afford daycare or nannies, best to have a young, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy, vigorous grandmother or older children who can assist in care of younger siblings, young adults who can help older family members and young grandmothers who can parent the infants of teen mothers. If teen parenthood is an adaptive response to a social reality as it is experienced by individual women, policies that do not attempt to alter that reality are likely to fail.

They might even cost more. Problem of teenage pregnancy has been framed collectively that their fertility behavior costs the tax payer extra dollars for welfare expenditures, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy. However, logical extension is that postponement of childbearing among the powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy could, without other changes, lead to increased rates of neonatal mortality, childhood morbidity, and STDs, as well as to longer periods of single parenthood, welfare dependency and greater number of years spent in poverty by some children because their mothers would not get the help they need to complete their education and enter the labor market.

Third world - even greater effects, poor nutrition and health slow and compromise growth, early deterioration of health means that there is an even smaller window of opportunity. Healthy reproduction should be as soon as possible after fertility established.

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Many of them are also animated. Email:enquires admin. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. Increase the proportion of teenage parents in education, training or employment What are the rates of teenage pregnancy? CityMatCH Conference.

Pittsburgh, PA Newspapers press releases, editorials and Letter to the Editor Teenage Pregnancy Strategy - outcomes for teenage parents and their children, with a target to increase the Elizabeth Craig Prof, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy.

Diana Lennon Dr. Reducing Teenage Pregnancy in Sheffield - after birth. Why reducing teenage pregnancy matters. Impact on child Mother 3 x more likely to smoke during pregnancy,more likely to have low weight Local overview targets, trends Targeted work with at risk groups of young people, in particular, powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy. Unintended Pregnancy All pregnancies should be intended that is, they should be consciously and clea - Current ascertainment of unintended pregnancy may seriously underreport those Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.


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powerpoint presentation on teenage pregnancy


Mar 13,  · VIPKID Tips for passing the interview (and even your Mocks!) + a BONUS for my referrals:) - Duration: Jessica Niles , views. Teenage Pregnancy Ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. teenage pregnancy in the philippines5/5(33). TEEN PREGNANCY Keelin Funk, Danielle Matej Rebecca Mcloud Statistics every 26 seconds another adolscent becomes pregnant every 56 seconds another adolescent gives birth aproximentaly 70% of all pregnant adolescents do not recieve adequate prenatal care 1/3 of teen moms drop out.